Introducing the Blogger

Meet Anna; a 24 year old girl from Buffalo, New York living in Palm Beach, Florida.

Ciao, welcome to my blog! I thought I’d start off with a post introducing myself, a bit of my background, and purpose.

My Life

Originally from Buffalo, New York I grew up in a great community. I love to travel, workout, spend time on the ocean, and hang out with my small circle of friends and family. You’ll hear all about it in my posts to come. I have always be taught to have big dreams and work hard to accomplish them. Throughout my life I have been very positive, upbeat, and charismatic. My grandparents played a big part in my life growing up. Coming to America in the 60s from Italy, they taught me a lot about independence, how the world works, and not to be afraid of taking chances. I grew up around those old school traditional values. If you follow Sebastian Maniscalco Comedy, a bit like him. Anyway, I wouldn’t change that in the slightest, it’s a part of who I am. As an older sister of two amazing sisters, I have always been a role model and that has pushed me in a lot of ways. I started taking leadership roles at a very young age which brought on a lot of stress. Having a natural drive, has always pushed me to try new things consistently. You’ll start to develop that, once you figure out the lifestyle you want to live. Life is all about balance and I’ll be sharing some of my tips with you. My motto: If you’re too comfortable, it’s time for a change. Despite what you see on social media my life hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows, we all go through different life circumstances; struggles with health, death of loved ones, friends who have treated us poorly, etc… If you dwell on that, you’re not going to go anywhere. Keep pushing, and you will be amazed at what is to come.

Why do I do this?

Vulnerability makes me a bit nervous but, I want to share my life experiences with you, and educate people that it really doesn’t matter where you come from. I hope as readers that my stories and life lessons resonate with you and what you’re doing in life. I have always been that person to push people to their limits, and see what they can accomplish. It’s crazy what the world will push back at you, when you do. Now this isn’t going to be all motivational pep talks, I plan on giving you all tips I have done personally. I want to see you grow as I have, and be there along the way. You are not alone in the world. You might feel like that at times but it’s all perspective. You have to be strong enough to start changing your own life, and you might lose some people along the way. That’s part of the process, if you stay around people who are still doing the same thing since high school, you are naturally going to be doing the same thing since high school. You can do anything you set your mind to, you just need to be in the right head space. Let go of the past, we all have our ups and downs. It all comes down to, how bad do you want this? I get such satisfaction hearing from all of you, my friends, and people I’ve mentored. It baffles me to this day, the amount of lives I’ve touched and motivated. You don’t realize the impact you have on others through supporting them and just being kind. It’s really a strange feeling, but we always forget how amazing we can be at times when we feel down.

What will I be writing about?

I’m super excited to share some of my health/fitness, mindset, and lifestyle tips with all of you. One of the wonderful things about blogs is how they constantly evolve as we learn, grow, and interact with one another. I plan to always share fresh new ideas, products I’m using, and stories with you. It will be a bit of everything that’s going on in my life but I have some awesome things coming to start sharing with you! So if you’d like to stay in the loop feel free to sign up and get my posts directly to your email!

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