Styled by NICKI ROXX Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Marilyn Monroe

This past weekend I had the honor of meeting the two lovely stylists behind NICKI ROXX.

I stopped by their truck show at Love Shack Fancy in Palm Beach and let me tell you, Nicki and Elana were absolute gems! I spent the afternoon with them learning about their brand and these two have created something truly amazing here.

Nicki and Elana both live and design these pieces in Miami, and they’re absolutely stunning. Not to mention the quality is AMAZING!

This S/S 21 collection and the trendy song names for each pieces just make you want to rave all day long about it. Be on the look out for this jewelry brand ladies because I smell the hottest new trend coming to town! 

Check out this cute set up they created in Love Shack Fancy. They have also been featured inside Veronica Beard and Eli & Pearl. They are killing it!

NICKI ROXX trunk show inside Love Shack Fancy

Living in Florida, I’m always on the boat with friends, going to the beach, and running from work out class to dinner. I don’t have time to be fumbling around with my jewelry. As my friends like to say, here comes the hot mess express.

All of NICKI ROXX’s pieces utilize high quality sterling silver, and 18k gold plating. So you can wear them on the go, in the water, and they won’t tarnish on you. Which is such a big deal for me. There is nothing worse then looking cheap and having to take all your jewelry on and off all the time.

Omg, I can’t believe I almost forgot. They use real lab created DIAMONDS in their pieces as well!

What the heck does that mean?

Don’t worry I asked the same questions, and I came fully prepared to back this up with some research I found.

The only difference between mined and lab created diamonds is their origin. Labs have the ability to artificial create diamonds under the same natural process, just sped up, and a lot less expensive. The have the came clarity grades, natural inclusions, as well as chemical and physical properties. They aren’t synthetic or “fake” stimulants such as cubic zirconia and moissanite. If you want to read more about Lab Created Diamonds check out this article by 12Fifteen.

According to Nicki herself, the idea behind each piece is that they’re meant to be layered.

I’m sure you’ve seen the layering trends taking over social media at the moment. It’s been around, but now more than ever.

Nicki and Elana custom styled these pieces for me at the trunk show and I am still in awe over them! The Sasha is their first signature piece that made them blow up (the star necklace) and I’m telling you… I want one in every color.

Featured here:


The possibilities are endless!

For what you get the prices are really good, and the pieces are so stylish. If you know me, mainstream style just makes me cringe. I love finding unique items to add to my wardrobe. They have SO MANY adorable pieces that are all mix and match I don’t think I’ll ever get bored with their pieces.

Featured Here:


Honestly, I’m only a fan of authentic gold or silver jewelry, it’s a real hassle to take off jewelry to get in the shower or ocean (first world problems, lol!) I can just never find pieces that aren’t tacky hearts a boyfriend might get you. Where you’re just like “Aw thanks babe!” Then slowly die inside from his mainstream taste, and only casually put it on when he asks why you haven’t been wearing it.

However, these ladies were right on the money. Stylish, trendy, and high quality. Ah, three of my favorite things I love to hear in the glam world. I’m honestly still amazed at the price you’re paying for 18K gold and real diamonds. When I go to the jewelers their selection is just very basic, and blahhh for 3x more the prices.

Now that I’ve been to one of their trunk shows, I’m not all hesitant to order some of their pieces online. They’re very sturdy, elegant, and absolutely dazzling in person. Honestly, the pictures do not do these pieces any justice.

Needless, to say I ended up taking a couple pieces home because I was obsessed!

If you’re in South Florida I definitely recommend following their Instagram for updates on their next trunk show! These ladies will hand pick and customize pieces tailored to your style, and I guarantee you will be blown away. These stylists have honestly changed my jewelry game, for the best.

Ciao amore! Let me know which pieces were your favorites in the comments!

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