Saving The Planet With Reistor

There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.

Annie Leonard

Sustainability is something we should all be mindful of. Have you ever thought about the after life of your clothes? Where do they go? Are they biodegradable?

I will honestly admit that I had no idea of the impact my clothes would have on the environment, but I’ve been starting to looking in to this topic that’s been taking over the fashion world. It’s not something that a lot of people openly discuss, or think to change in their lifestyles.

The reality of the story here is that “fast fashion” is killing our planet, and fashion is becoming another mindful practice that we need to think of. Fast fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world behind oil. Just take a minute to think about that. I’m sorry ladies but that forever 21 dress you got for $15 and end up wearing once, is going to end up in a landfill and take over hundreds of years to break down. Not only that but you’re contributing to people who work in terrible working conditions, child labor, and sometimes forced labor.

Are you still willing to invest of the decline of our planet?

As tempting as updating your wardrobe every weekend may sound, investing in timeless and classic looks with sustainable materials has a lot more benefits to not only the planet, but your wallet as well. We need to let these companies die. Stop contributing to waste, water pollution, and harsh chemicals on this planet.

Here’s 2 Main Reason’s Why You Need to Switch ASAP:

1.) Reduce your carbon foot print

Be cautious of what you buy, and shop with companies who make an effort to reduce their environmental impact. Know which companies make conscious effort to avoid pollution and chemicals in their entire process. We have to think of what our future planet is going to look like. If it’s giant piles of trendy forever 21 dresses, count me out.

2.) Saves you $$$

In the long run, clothes that are made from raw material will last longer. They typically have a classic or unique look that never goes out of style as well. No brainer people, I’d rather look classy than trendy. While they tend to be a bit more pricey you can mix and match a lot of classic pieces in different ways.

I had the chance to sit down and chat with Mehma and her brother Harjas, co-founders of the sustainable fashion brand know as Reistor. Mehma and Harjas are 4th generation to a fashion textile in India. It was truly heart warming to hear the story of their how their great grandparents started a textile many years ago before the creation of synthetic fibers and how their company has come full circle back to the beginning of their families era.

The siblings live in Mumbai, India. One of the most polluted cities in the world. Mehma mentioned “I was always mindful of the impact of the textile industry to the planet, but when I finally sat down and started reading about it, we realized we had to change the way we do business. You can never be a fully sustainable brand, but you can start with small things here and there.”

Reistor stands for reducing enviromental impact, to re’stor’e the planet.

Reistor launched in the US in March of 2021.

Since then, they have been featured in Madewell, as apart of their “LABELS WE ❤” collection. Their Hemp Collection is also available on their website

Not only are they reducing their environmental impact, but creating a huge ethical movement as well by socially uplifting their community. Reistor actively works to empower women from disadvantaged communities through vocational training in safe and hygienic workspaces with fair wages. Half of their garments are produced in community centers ran by Nonprofit organizations focused on providing sustainable livelihoods to women from underserved communities. When I heard about all of the things they’re doing, I knew this was a brand I could stand for.

While we were chatting I was really interested in learning what practices and materials they are currently using in their REI efforts, as well as the unique design elements. On top of the inspiration for creating such a powerful forward thinking brand.

The Materials

The fabric is made with 100% Hemp. Hemp uses 90% less water than most raw fibers available for garments. It is also the most durable, helping to minimize the long-term waste you get from “fast fashion.”

Reistor uses chemical free dyes that are safe for your skin. Their low carbon footprint dyes use significantly less water and energy during the dying process which helps to reduce environmental impact (REI).

When it comes down to trimmings they have replaced traditional synthetic buttons with natural wooden buttons that can be recycled back into the environment. As well as using 100% biodegradable cotton for sewing.

Reistor has made such a conscious effort beyond the clothing to make a lasting impact. It’s honestly been an honor to work with such creative and forward thinking people. On top of the physical clothing itself they put their efforts into the packaging as well. All garments are stored and arrive in a home compostable courier bags with seed tags that can be used to grow plants.

They really took this to the next level. It has honestly has blown my mind, how much thought and change they have brought to the business.

Designing The Collection

Mehma designed all of these unique pieces herself during the COVID lockdown in 2020. They were created with the comfortable work from home lifestyle we all live now in mind. These pieces are fundamentally timeless and elegant. Think of them as your elevated essentials, wardrobe must haves that you can mix and match.

Comfortable, Stylish, and perfect for everyday!

Mehma was kind enough to send me one of their Pina Coloda Season Dresses. When I styled this outfit I went with a classic Sunday Brunch inspired look. Any style is achievable with their pieces. One of the reason’s why I love their collection is how versatile they are. The possibilities seem endless!

I honestly wish that more fashion brands would take on the social and economical change that Reistor works so hard to sustain. It wasn’t really until I started writing this blog that I realized how truly important this topic is. I hope that you could at least take away the importance of shopping sustainably. Once you educate yourself on the things that are happening in the world only then can you see it for what it truly is. Reistor is doing something beautiful here, and we should all strive to support brands with a great message.


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