Working Out with Gofa Fitness!

Working out from home just got smarter, and a heck of a lot more affordable! If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I love taking part in the latest cutting edge technology. I recently came across the Gofa Fitness App and I have to tell you guys it’s LIFE CHANGING! I mean seriously take a look at this fitness app.

Let’s face it Gym membership can get a little expensive.

When I worked out at a local studio, I was paying around $150 a month. Yikes! However for me, I have always preferred to work out with a bit of guidance so my bank account dealt with it. I recently have moved into a building with a gym, which makes going to the gym in the mornings so much easier because it’s step from my door. However, I really have missed the feeling of a trainer guiding me through my workouts and losing my trainer just honestly killed my motivation.

I looked into things like the Mirror and the Tonal and I just don’t have the space nor do I want to hang it on the walls in my apartment. So I started looking into fitness apps, because YouTube just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Honestly, the GOFA membership is $2.49 a month (or $19.99 a year) so I had nothing to lose giving this a try.

They have hundreds of virtual workouts available with cutting edge AI technology that tracks your movement as you work out. This helps to correct your form, prevent injury, and maximize your workouts all from home! I was honestly super impressed after my first couple of workouts. It works similarly to the tonal without the heavy price tag, which I thought was pretty cool.

I had to take these photos from the website because my pictures do not do this tech any justice… It’s super simple all you do it adjust your phone in-front of you and get your whole body into the frame that pops up in the top corner. From there GOFA works their magic. I’m already 2 weeks into using the app and I’ve created a fitness plan just for me. Not only that but I can track how much stronger I’m getting through the activity bar. I have to say, it is mind blowing that my phone is able to detect my body movements and performance.

While most of the workouts I do don’t really require too much equipment I decided to hit some arms in my gym today and use the dumbbells they had there. However I’ll typically do my ab workouts in my living room if it’s not a lift day and screencast my phone to the TV which is super convenient.

I’m a maniac at the gym so I’ll typically go through a couple different workouts in the mornings. I typically rotate between arms, legs, or cardio and then I’ll hit an ab workout everyday like a skinny legend. We love a skinny legend.

Honestly this app has become my new favorite way to workout. I recently started my own business, and my schedule has become insane. It’s such a relief to fit my workouts in from home. Especially when it’s first thing in the morning and not have to rush to the gym, and back home to change, shower, etc. Plus, I love that each workout starts and ends with a little stretching session to get me started for the day!

Carrot, Orange, and Ginger Juice

Working out with the Gofa fitness app has completely rejuvenated my at home workout routine. There isn’t a morning where I’m not excited to plug it in and get started with my day on the right foot. I’ve recently started juicing in the mornings as well, so right after my workouts I sip on my latest veggie and fruit cocktail. Talk about health!

As a fitness enthusiat, I highly recommend giving Gofa a shot! You can download the app here. Right now, they’re currently offering a 7 day free trial period so you can poke through the app and test it out for yourself. They’re also on Instagram and TikTok so feel free to start there if you want to check them out they have some great content of others using the app. I love how affordable this app is, they’re making personal training more accessible and it’s great to see a company focused on the health and well beings of others.

If you give it a try, let me know what you think and what your favorite workouts are! I love that you can add your friends to the app to make it a bit more competitive. Feel free to add me, I love a good sporting match haha!

Ciao! XX

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