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Personal Brand

Elegance, class, and charm with a dash of comedy sprinkled in. Authenticity, quality, and refinement is my main focus. I strive to create content in a high quality manner that doesn’t come off as stuffy or “forced.” Quality over quantity as they say. My mantra is: if you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all. I only stand behind brands that I personally believe offer a superior product or service. Extremely proud & excited to support any business (small or large) that aligns with my core values.

The Future of the Brand

The ultimate goal with my content is to support businesses in a fun quirky way. I genuinely want to help people, give tips, and promote a healthy and glamourous lifestyle through my posts. I’m working towards building a positive & fun community, that supports each other and build confidence, self worth, and healthy habits.

Brands I’ve Worked With

Celsius Energy Drink

I became an Ambassador for Celsius Energy Drinks in April of 2021. I currently create one main feed post and two stories a month for them on my personal Instagram account. I hopped on this healthy energy drink alternative as soon as it came out a couple years ago, and have always been a fan. It’s been a fun experience to create content for Celsius, a brand that I have been religiously drinking for years.

Jackpot Candles

I became an Ambassador for Jackpot in May of 2021. Their candles smell absolutely amazing and inside each candle you have the chance to win a ring up to $5K! The company is based in Buffalo, NY and I was thrilled to work with a brand from my hometown. Their Social Media Manager was an absolute delight to work with and I look forward to further Collab’s with them in the future.

Interested in collaborating? Shoot me an e-mail! Please put ‘Collab’ in the subject line so I can find you and be sure there is a link to your brands website, so I can check you out!

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